1 /staIl/ noun
1 WAY OF DOING/MAKING (C) a particular way of doing something, designing something, or producing something, especially one that is typical of a particular period of time or of a particular group of people: Styles of architecture | The Dutch created a completely new style of football. | Swedish/new/country etc style (=done or made in a way that is typical of Sweden etc): a gangland-style killing | The cathedral is one of the earliest examples of the gothic style.
2 WAY OF BEHAVING/WORKING (C) the particular way that someone does something or deals with other people
(+ of): an authoritarian style of leadership | management/teaching etc style: an attempt to use Japanese management style in a European business | it's not his/her style (=it is not the way someone usually behaves): I can't ask a man out - it's just not my style. | like sb's style (=approve of the way someone does things, used especially by someone in authority): I like your style, Simpson. I think you'll do well here. | be more sb's style spoken (=used as a joking way of saying that you prefer something that does not need as much skill or bravery as something that has been mentioned): I don't think the parachuting weekend is for me - the art class is more my style. | in true British/student etc style (=in a way that is very typical of the behaviour of a particular type of person): Then the sailors, in true navy style, drank a bottle of rum each.
3 DESIGN (C) the design of something, which decides what shape or appearance it will have: Car styles have changed radically in the past 20 years
4 FASHION (C, U) a fashion in clothes or hair: 70's styles look very odd today.
5 WRITING/LITERATURE (C, U) the particular way someone uses words to express ideas, tell stories etc: The stories are typical of Kelman's robust prose style.
—see also: stylistic
6 ART/MUSIC/FILM (C, U) the typical way that someone paints, writes music etc, or a typical way of painting etc from a particular period of time: A modern musician who composes in the style of Bach.
7 SPECIAL QUALITY (U) a confident and attractive quality that makes people admire you, and that is shown in your appearance, or the way you do things: have style: You may not like her, but she certainly has style!
—see also: stylish
8 in style done in a way that people admire, especially because it is unusual, shows great determination, or involves spending a lot of money: in great/grand/fine etc style: Sampras won the title in fine style, not losing a single game.
—see also: cramp sb's style cramp 2 (2) 2 verb (T)
1 to design clothing, furniture, or the shape of someone's hair in a particular way: These shoes have been styled for maximum comfort. | have sth styled: She has her hair styled by Giorgio.
2 style yourself Lord/Dr etc formal to give yourself a particular title or name: They style themselves `the terrible twins'.
—see also: self­styled

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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